Video 7 Nov

This project was made as the final project in a class that I’m attending ( The assignement was to make a simple game on a specific hardware that was provided by our teacher. (I made a VHDL game as well, with a custom VGA-component, check¬†¬†for details).

This hardware provided by our teacher has a NIOSII CPU and a custom VGA component with a dual-port RAM (write to RAM - pixel shows on screen). Since this was a C-project I created functions i C that could write pixels, lines, circles etc onto the screen. Once that was done I had a backbone to start developing a game. I chose to go for the ‘space shooter’ genre. I enjoy these arcade games.

The game’s objective is to shoot aliens that attack. The player controls the ship with some switches on the board (I use the Terasic DE2-115 board). To eliminate the aliens projectiles are fired. As the game proceeds, aliens will move faster and shoot more projectiles towards the ship. The game lasts as long as the player still has health (which is decreased if hit by alien projectiles). There is also some rudimetary score-keeping to be able to compare your gameplay against a friend.

And yeah, the bad gameplay is due to filming with one hand :)

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